According to a study it was stated that videos, as well as images, are becoming the types of content that work best with ROI. Videos have gained popularity as one of the best marketing tools. Almost 73% of digital marketers and small business houses have observed the desired result of video marketing whereas 25% of online businesses have been planning to invest in video marketing.

Now the question is, even if the videos belong to your website the question is about their placement. Yes, it is very important to place the videos strategically on the website. With proper placement of the videos, you would be able to achieve a greater impact on your website design. Videos are generally preferred by people because the information provided is easy to watch and understand. Videos are engaging, digestible, and very convenient. But this does not mean that you should fill the entire website with videos. Videos should be placed coherently to enhance the user experience and try to engage your target audience.

Check out the 5 ways you can use videos on your website

1. Homepage Background Video

Having videos on your website homepage background helps the visitors to have a quick understanding of the company. These videos will basically help you to impress your audience and also interact with them. While using videos in the background make sure that they should not be about some specific product or service but to impart a modern feel. Such background videos can give the business website a chance to distinguish themselves from others and help them stand out. Moreover, the videos will improve brand reputation and make the website look functional. To get maximum engagement from your website visitors, place the background videos “above the fold”.

2. Effective And Engaging Video content

A very recent study showed that most of the small online businesses create more engaging and high-quality content. They plan strategically to place the videos and blend those videos into the content. This makes the videos look more relevant and contextual. Your video content must be educational, engaging, and shareable. Videos have the potential to outperform content marketing efforts and this makes them very popular among the website owners and digital marketers.

If you are into a B2B Business, then focusing on webinars would help you generate more leads and establish your brand in the market. For instance, providing free webinars sign up and registration will help your website a lot. Webinars are generally highly educational and niche-specific, which in turn will help you get the most qualified leads. You can embrace this technique to enhance your lead generation strategy by providing high-impact and irresistible content.

3. Homepage Explainer Video

You might be thinking why do you need a homepage explainer video? It is necessary to describe what your company is offering. This small initiative will help you lure more visitors to your website. These homepage explainer videos should be placed below the fold where you would be mentioning the benefits of videos.

4. Videos For Product pages

Having a video to describe your products is far more beneficial than writing a 1000+ words description about it. It helps your audience to explore your products and services through informative videos. In this way, you can create many videos to interact with your customers and visitors. Regardless of your offering, a virtual demo will surely improve the confidence and attention span of your audience.

5. Video testimonials

Video Testimonials are proven ways to make your website look authentic and trustworthy. It also helps the brand to connect with its target audience. Video testimonials are the best way to tell your success story as well as featuring your happy customers. This lets the brand explain its uniqueness and stellar user experience in an organic way. With the help of effective video testimonials, you can inform the viewer about your brand and help them see various success stories.


Every online business can easily enjoy the benefits of having videos on their website because they are educational, mobile-friendly, and captivating. If the videos on your website are engaging, then you can boost the session time of visitors on your site, drive more sales and conversions.

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