We are a dedicated web design company and our focus is designing your website to suit your individual requirements. The look and feel and user experiance of a website is one of the most important elements. Our experience and knowledge will ensure that your website is exactly what you envision it to be.

Mobile and Desktop Website Design

Online Innovations views the process of web design as much more than just the visual effect of a website. It comprises of the planning, production, research and advertising, as well as the integration of other graphic media such as video, multimedia productions and social media.

Webpage Layout Design

Good webpage layout and website design considers the users’ browser and user interface and comes from a solid understanding of the industry’s most preferred and best practices. Our website design experience enables us to advise on and design websites (desktop and mobile) that are adapted for this majority, but will also scale and cater for those users on either side of the norm.

W3C Code Quality

W3C standards not only relate to the correct layout of the website, but also the layout of webpages for readability and making sure that all coded elements are marked up and labelled correctly.

We design our websites to adhere to the W3C standards and take great pride in our design team’s understanding of HTML and CSS. Our focus on making it our standard practice to conform to W3C’s strict standards means that our websites are less error prone, more usable and search engine friendly.

Visual and Graphic Web Design

Just like fashion and gadgets, website trends are ever-changing. At Online Innovations, our design team spends a huge amount of time on the internet researching and identifying what is appealing to and working for the larger audiences.

As a result of our research, we are able to balance the aesthetics and overall webpage design with the website’s content – ensuring that our websites not only look super, but users can navigate around the site and find information easily.

User Experience Design

When designing a website, the biggest challenge is balancing aesthetics, making sure it’s user-friendly and easy to access to accommodate as many users as possible, regardless of user skill. When we design webpage layouts, we focus primarily on ensuring that they are intuitive, easy to understand and clearly labelled.

Multimedia Design and Production

Our multimedia designers have expert knowledge in Adobe graphic, video and multimedia applications. Our designers also possess a critical eye to the visual nature of digital media, creating visually pleasing websites for our clients.

By merging experience, expertise, graphics, animations, audio and video, we can produce multimedia elements that bring life to your brand, products and services; enabling you to give prospects and in-depth look at your company or brand.

Web and Graphic Design Specialists

Our website design and development teams are all graduate professionals and can give your products, services and brand the spark it needs simply by integrating graphic design, multimedia, social media and development. By doing this, we enable you to give an in-depth look at your company by way of engaging functional websites and supporting media.

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